CounselMeSite was created out of the timeless need of providing and receiving timely. godly, reliable, tested and proven counseling in every aspect of human endeavours. We believe in God and rely solely on the Holy Bible and the Blessed Holy Spirit of God as our sole source of instructions, guidance, counseling and insiration possible for every human facet. Group chats are also created for peer talks pertinent to individual interests; peers share useful experiences with one another, and you can be sure … there is 100% anonymity.

Nobody knows you here, neither do you know anyone else, all relationships are based on divine love and concept of trust. Interpersonal relationships may exist though is participants so wish, but we will not be accountable for any result from such meetings just as we cannot be all relationships on this website. Users are to be guided by their God-given discretions in all matters. This is a counseling site, counsels are supposedly useful tips that can help an individual when rightly applied to the understood situation.